Bringing Solutions to Light

About Us

Project CLEAR is a limited company incorporated in Tanzania in 2010 with its main business premises located in Dar es Salaam. It aims to accelerate progress towards achievement of sustainable development goals through market-based solution. Project CLEAR helps its clients find behavioural insights and solutions towards achieving their objectives.   It does so by deepening the understanding of problems, developing and test options, and scaling proven solutions.

Project CLEAR solves marketing and behavioural science challenges by developing, testing options and scaling solutions.  It was established to fill the niche purely commercial marketing agency and a scientific research institution. Its formation is the result of founders’ broad public and private sector experiences across developing markets.  Achieving marketing or behavioural-related goals of development institutions, governments, corporations, and academia requires multidisciplinary and adaptable operations. These requirements are not easily and efficiently supported by the structures or processes of many marketing or research organizations.  CLEAR offers a structural build-out tailored for clients to deliver services requiring short or long-term operational flexibility and application of real time learning.

Project CLEAR manages a diverse base of services and in-house facilities delivered when needed. It turns these into the client’s competitive advantage, instead of expanding their cost centres.  This support is delivered through a process built on client systems for integration, transparency, and reporting.  Projects are supported by information technology across research, production, delivery, and monitoring depending on local context and project goals.

Project CLEAR bring together specialists who provide clients with a cadre of world class and multi-disciplinary services that can be tailored to specific project requirements and delivered rapidly.

Core Services

Project CLEAR offers the following services:

  • Behavioral and policy research, and situation analyses: We work with clients to zero in the problems to be addressed. We have an array of tools and methods to gather data from multiple sources, clarify context and assemble evidence to inform solutions.
  • Insight and concept generation and testing: We utilize evidence and expert and beneficiary consultations to find insights and ideas to solve problems and build consensus in multi-stakeholder settings.  We then test leading solution options to strengthen projects, initiatives and programs and lower the risk of implementation scale up.
  • Implementation planning and delivery support: We support initiative design and restructure, and delivery of projects through multiple channels and efficient project management processes tailored to context.
  • Results Frameworks, monitoring, and evaluation: We develop results frameworks, monitoring, and evaluation systems based to client needs to ensure value for money, learning, informed decision and adaptive programming.

Core Values

Project CLEAR is principled organization whose actions and those of its staff and partners are guided by the following core values;

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: We strive to produce best results with a price that is competitive with, or even lower than, that of other vendors through process innovations.
  2. Lasting impact: We believe in achieving our results without compromising the ability others now and in future to achieve theirs
  3. Evidence-Based: We believe in evidence-based practice that strives to eliminate unsound or outdated practices in favor of more-effective ones by shifting the basis for decision making from tradition, intuition, and unsystematic experience to firmly grounded scientific research.
  4. Adaptive: Equipped with best insights from scientific research, we embrace adaptive programming
  5. Replicable: Our actions are always guided by clear processes hence replicable

It is from these principles that we earn the name Project CLEAR.

Sanitation & Hygiene Consortium

Clients Organisations.

Our team have served clients including the UK Department for International Development (UKAID), the World Bank Group, JTI, LIXIL, InterAmerican Development Bank, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, WaterAid, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the government of Tanzania-Ministries of Water, Health, Education and Local Government.

We started in Tanzania where our early work together and unique approaches were recognized by the Cannes Lions festival and the African Development Bank though a USD 20 million investment which led to today’s Tanzania National Sanitation Campaign, now Nyumba ni Choo and Project CLEAR Consortium.