Bringing Solutions to Light

About Us

Project CLEAR is a limited company incorporated in Tanzania. We aim to accelerate progress towards achievement of global and market development goals. In doing so, we help our clients find insights and solutions towards achieving their objectives.   We do so by deepening the understanding of problems, developing and test options, and scaling proven solutions.

We bring together specialists who provide clients with a cadre of world class and multi-disciplinary services that can be tailored to specific project requirements and delivered rapidly.  We offer the following services:

  • Behavioral and policy research, and situation analyses: We work with clients to zero in the problems to be addressed. We have an array of tools and methods to gather data from multiple sources, clarify context and assemble evidence to inform solutions.
  • Insight and concept generation and testing: We utilize evidence and expert and beneficiary consultations to find insights and ideas to solve problems and build consensus in multi-stakeholder settings.  We then test leading solution options to strengthen projects, initiatives and programs and lower the risk of implementation scale up.
  • Implementation planning and delivery support: We support initiative design and restructuring and support delivery of projects through multiple channels and efficient project management processes tailored to context.
  • Results Frameworks, monitoring, and evaluation: We develop results frameworks, monitoring, and evaluation systems based to client needs to ensure value for money, learning, informed decision and adaptive programming.

Core Values

Our core values include;

  1. Dynamism- We encourage positive attitude that is full of energy and new ideas
  2. Diversity-We believe that our strength will always come from our differences
  3. Principled – Our operations are guided by our five principles: Cost-Effective, Lasting impact, Evidence-Based, Adaptive and Replicable (CLEAR).
  4. Adventurous- Our top three values equip us to innovate and venture into uncharted waters with our clients
Sanitation & Hygiene Consortium

Clients Organisations.

We started in Tanzania where our early work together and unique approaches were recognized by the Cannes Lions festival and the African Development Bank though a USD 20 million investment which led to today’s Tanzania National Sanitation Campaign and Nyumba ni Choo and Project CLEAR.