We’ve worked globally

We bring to light the solutions to specific problems

We’re in the business of change at a national scale. Our unique approach helps governments, corporates, and NGOs bridge the strategy-execution gap and achieve measurable impact against development challenges. From improving sanitation and hygiene to empowering women entrepreneurs, successful changemaking requires two things: robust foundations and adaptive delivery.

Robust Foundations

By exploring individual needs, wants, and daily behaviours Project CLEAR gets to the root of development challenges. Using proprietary data, the expertise of our world-class advisory network, and careful analysis of local contexts, we put robust insights at the foundation of our campaign design and development.

Adaptive Delivery

Project CLEAR is driving a paradigm shift in the development sector by applying adaptive programming to the robust foundations we set at the start of our projects. What does this mean?

From the outset, we use all channels to achieve our development goals—from TV, radio, and social media, to sporting platforms, celebrity influencers, and political pledges. We then constantly collect data on the campaign through on-the-ground polling and local surveys, giving us a clear picture of what is working and how public perceptions have changed. From this, we’re able to evolve our tactics, maximizing the efficacy of our approach and reacting to shifts in both local and national contexts.

The result is measurable impact delivered with maximum cost efficiency, helping catalyze large-scale change with an optimized return on investment.