We’ve worked globally

We bring to light the solutions to specific problems

We’ve worked globally with the leading private and public institutions to address marketing and behavior change challenges and have developed a systematic way to plan and execute effective initiatives, whether stand-alone or alongside product or infrastructure investments. We work with clients through the five stages (see figure below) to bring to light the solutions to specific problems

We start with a brief from the client and move on to reviewing the terms of references (ToR) to identify issues to be addressed, alongside developing a better understanding of key stakeholders, partners and target audiences/beneficiaries. Thus help as  to  establish the information gap to be bridged.

We consult our client, partners and stakeholders to confirm the problem definition and develop the scope in relation to available resources and partner inputs and activities.
We then gather the information and facts on audiences and market through existing research, observations, key informant interviews, and focus groups with sampled target audiences/beneficiaries.

We analyse the gathered information on each target audience/beneficiary and market setting in a creative workshop facilitated by our team. These involve subject experts working with target audience/beneficiary members and market players to develop hunches, themes, opportunities and insights. We then map all generated insights on a feasibility and impact scale. The strongest insights are quantitatively tested with the leading insight further developed.

This is the stage where our design and the creative team develops a brief based on the best insight platform. Equipped with the brief our team works with external experts on developing different components of the desired solution usually in the form of Communications Package. The package contains the selected idea translated into the delivery platforms and graphics such as brand, slogan, logos, key propositions (messages), collateral materials, and a proposed multimedia execution plan including interpersonal activities.

Here we support the client in implementing the designed solution to strengthen the existing capacity and structures. This is achieved through tested and proven labour augmentation strategies at a very minimal cost compared classical capacity building strategies. This stage also contains content materials production, distribution and monitoring. Monitoring data is reviewed and supplemented by small, experimental studies to generate lessons and new ideas to improve efficiency and effectiveness of delivery, whilst minimizing risks.