Who we Are

Founded in 2017, PCL is headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with an office in London, UK. Drawing on the expertise of a network of multidisciplinary partners and advisors, PCL explores needs and wants to derive insights and effect large scale change with measurable impact and maximum efficiency. Its management team has decades of experience, working with large private, government and non-government organisations like the World Bank, WaterAid, CIDRZ, Unilever, Tanzanian and Zambian national governments, across five continents.

Our Focus Areas

Project CLEAR balances analytics with implementation through multi-disciplinary inputs to change the paradigm of organizational and international development. Contrasting with traditional rigid implementation frameworks, we take an adaptive approach to projects which enables us to achieve results far closer to the anticipated outcomes. We do this by focusing on:

Design services include data generation through inquiry, insight generation through data science, and developing and testing solutions.

Delivery services includes implementation of solutions, monitoring, adapting, and evaluating.

We work with clients to zero in the problems to be addressed. We have an array of tools and methods to gather data from multiple sources, clarify context and assemble evidence to inform solutions.

We utilize evidence and expert and beneficiary consultations to find insights and ideas to solve problems and build consensus in multi-stakeholder settings.

We support initiative design and restructuring and support delivery of projects through multiple channels and efficient project management processes tailored to context.

We develop results frameworks, monitoring, and evaluation systems based to client needs to ensure value for money, learning, informed decision and adaptive programming.

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